Now accepting entries for the 2018 Yearbook -- deadline: October 15, 2017.

All state and district officers are invited to submit their yearbook reports here, as well.

Ends on October 31, 2017

Reports from State Officers are due October 15, 2017. All officers should submit current contact information including postal address, phone, and email address to the Yearbook Editor. Outgoing officers should coordinate with their incoming replacements to make sure information for the yearbook is complete and submitted in a timely manner.

 District Reports should include a summary of each district’s activities for the year (approximately 250 words), a brief treasurer’s report, and the names and addresses of the officers for the new year. A head and shoulders photograph of the president for the coming year should accompany the report.

 *Please note that for yearbook publication, districts are expected to have officers in place for the coming year no later than December 31.